Halle Berry Workout and her Amazing Abs

Losing Weight with Halle Bery! Halle Berry has one of the greatest bodies in Hollywood. She exudes beauty and fitness. Halle Berry’s had successfully prepared for some great roles that showed off her physique, like the X-Men movies, Catwoman, and Swordfish. Her body is an aesthetic mix of leanness, muscle tone, and feminine curves. Few people know she’s a diabetic, but she does an excellent job in managing the disease. Through a healthy weight loss diet plan and regular fitness exercise program, Berry keeps the disease at bay. You’d also never guess that she’s 44 years old and a mother. Age doesn’t […]

Halle Berry, Celebrity Diet and Workout, Pregnancy Weight

Halle Berry’s Diet and Fitness Regimen So we all know that Halle Berry always looks great.  But, since she had her daughter she has lost forty pounds!  Halle kept working out while she was pregnant, but cut back her workouts.  Once she had her baby she started exercising more.  She didn’t want to starve herself, or get swept up int he pressure of other Hollywood mom’s to lose the weight extremely fast.  After about four months Halle is back to her fit physique once again.  Check out her flat stomach in the pic.  So how did Halle do it?  Want […]

Halle Berry Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Halle Berry’s Fit and Healthy Lifestyle Her body philosophy has not only kept this oscar winning star in tip top shape, but it has also kept her healthy. Halle Berry has diabetes, so she doesn’t eat sugary foods. Halle has also consistently worked out for years. This formula appears to be working very well for this 5 ft 7 inch star. Find out her body slimming secrets below. Halle Berry’s Diet Halle Berry follows the 5-Factor Diet, and also follows a Diabetic Diet. She eats at home before she goes out to gatherings where there is food, as to avoid finger […]