Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets, Felicity Huffman Eats

Felicity Huffman’s Successful Weight Loss Desperate Housewives Star Felicity Huffman finally get some good advice from a Personal Trainer…  What did her diet guru tell her to do?  Keep Reading to Find out. Felicity Huffman’s new personal trainer told her to Eat More! Felicity admits she has had “a lot of trainers through the years,” and was always discouraged when they wanted her to keep her weight below her ideal weight which is 125 pounds.  She recalls, “They (were) always like, ‘Oh my god, you ate a muffin?’ and ‘What do you mean you weigh 125? You can’t shoot at that weight.’” Felicity More magazine her […]

Felicity Huffman Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Felicity Huffman Weight Loss Felicity Huffman Celebrity Diet and Workout. Her regiment gives her a thin and toned body that many admire. Felicity plays Lynette on “Desperate Housewives”. She once battled an eating disorder but now has found peace with her body, and with her diet. Want to know how she does it? Keep reading to find out. Felicity Huffman Diet Felicity Huffman follows a healthy balanced diet. She uses portion control with unhealthy foods, so she can still eat them but not a whole bag. A great introduction to portion Control is The Portion Plan Felicity Huffman Exercise Felicity get lots […]