Jennifer Lawrence Fat ?

Looking at Jennifer Lawrence, the last thing we thing of is fat, and yet many in Hollywood would consider her fat. Well, is Jennifer Lawrence fat? In 2011, Lawrence told FLARE magazine, “I’d rather look a little chubby on camera and look like a person in real life, than look great onscreen and look like a scarecrow in real life.” As a matter of fact she has been very outspoken about “Body shaming”. In a recent interview at Comic-Con, Jennifer Lawrence said: “I had a conversation with somebody about the struggles with weight in the industry – I know that’s something I […]

Losing weight with the Bachelorette Ashley Hebert

In a new article for Life & Style, the newly engaged and super-svelte Ashley Hebert reveals how she achieved her amazing weight loss of 10lbs and got herself in fabulous shape in preparation for her stint wooing a harem of attractive guys on The Bachelorette. Ashley went on a weight loss diet plan so she can weigh -3lbs. For those of you who don’t remember a time when Ashley was anything but teeny, she apparently was emotionally eating over the heartbreak of being dumped by former Bachelor, Brad Womack on national TV and gained 10lbs as a result: “I was eating everything in sight. When […]

Lose Weight with Minka Kelly

 Charlie’s Angel Minka Kelly Reveals the Fitness Secret that Keeps Her Looking So Hot Actress Minka Kelly captured a lot of eyes – both men and women alike when she played Autumn on 500 days of Summer.  Your thought bubble might’ve been who’s that girl and how did she get such a fierce looking body? And now that Minka’s playing one of Charlie’s angels, more eyes are on her. With a character that’s expected to kick ass, Minka knows that she needs to be in tip top shape all the more in order to meet the physical demands of her […]

Ciara Celebrity Diet, Workout and Weight Loss Tips

Ciara’s Weight Loss Diet Plan and Fitness Exercise Program Loosing Weight with Ciara Ciara was recently photographed in a revealing brown dress that showed off her perfectly toned body. Ciara is a popular singer who has produced several albums including Goodies, Ciara: The Evolution, Fantasy Ride and most recently Basic Instinct. She was born in Austin, Texas in 1985. She spent a lot of her childhood on military bases in Europe and around America as her father was in the US Army. Ciara’s Diet Plan for Weight Loss To manage her weight, Ciara’s weight loss diet plan consists of eating […]

Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Tips from Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood Talks about Her Weight Loss of 20 Pounds Weight loss secrets from Carrie Underwood When Carrie Underwood won American Idol in 2005 she not only found stardom but also the scrutiny of the media. Just a little bit on the curvy side, she was suddenly labelled fat and she had to do something about it. She told Shape magazine “There’s nothing worse than going online and reading that someone has called you chubby.” Only 5-feet-3 inches tall the country singer had a weight loss of 20 pounds and went from a size 6 to a size 2-4. So […]

Alyssa Milano Celebrity Fitness Exercise Program and Weight Loss Plan

Lose Weight with Celebrity Alyssa Milano Alyssa Milano losses weight Alyssa Milano was born in New York, the daughter of Italian-American parents Lin, a former fashion designer and talent manager, and Thomas M. Milano, a film music editor and a well-known boating enthusiast. This gorgeous and sexy actress has been around Hollywood since she was a kid. She was best known for her character, tomboy Samantha Micelli during an eighties sitcom entitled “Who’s the Boss.” She’s one of the successful actresses in Hollywood who was able to transform from a child star to adult roles. She’s also been known for […]

How Kate Middleton Stays in Shape

Kate Middleton Healthy Lifestyle How Kate Middleton stays in shape With the royal wedding approaching, Kate Middleton and Prince William have been the topic of conversation all across the Internet and the media. Every bride feels some sort of pressure to get into tip top shape when wedding time comes, but when the wedding is between a prince and a princess – well you can imagine the added pressures to look your best. So what exactly does Kate Middleton do to stay in shape? Well, besides the fact that she will be kept in tip top shape from running from […]

Kim Alexis Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Kim Alexis Still Has a Great Body Kim Alexis is an American model and actress. Alexis one of the top models and identified along with Gia Carangi, Christie Brinkley, Kelly Emberg, and Paulina Porizkova. She graced the cover of over 500 magazines. Miss World Pageant – Co-host. She hosted several television shows on the Family Channel and Lifetime, as well as film and TV acting. She appeared in the 1998 movie Holy Man with Eddie Murphy. In 2005, she appeared on VH1’s reality competition “But Can They Sing?” Want to have a body like hers? Read on as she talks […]

Tiffani Thiessens Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Program

Tiffani Thiessen Fat Loss Routines Lose Fat Fasy with Tiffani Thiessen Tiffani Amber Thiessen is looking to get back into shape after becoming a mom, just after four months of giving birth. She is on a weight loss mission. Four months after giving birth to daughter Harper, the White Collar star told Us magazine of her weight loss ambitions: “It takes some time, but I’m doing my best. I had a really nice pregnancy. Knock on wood if we have others it’ll be the same.”” The 36-year-old gained 50 pounds while she was pregnant and now she’s planning to lose […]

Modern Family Sofia Vergara Dishes Out Her Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Sofia Vergara and Weight Loss Sofia Vergara is a Colombian-born actress born on July 10, 1972. She is also a model and entrepreneur. She was first well known in North America from her modeling work, and her first notable acting job in English was back in the year 2003 in the movie Chasing Papi. She currently stars on the critically acclaimed ABC sitcom Modern Family as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, for which she has been nominated for a Prime time Emmy Award as well as a Screen Actors Guild Award. Modern Family star Sofia Vergara is fairly well known for her sexy […]

Funny Woman Chelsea Handler Shares Her Fitness Exercise Program and Weight Loss Plan

Chelsea Handler’s Successful Weight Loss She’s blonde, she’s 35, she’s funny and she’s looking fitter than ever. Funny woman Chelsea Handler says however that she hasn’t always looked that good in a bikini. If anything, she had to overcome a history of bad health history in her family – her mother died of cancer and her dad had a triple bypass surgery and she herself admits to having a love for high calorie cocktails and junk food plus a lack of commitment to any fitness exercise programs and weight loss diet plans. It wasn’t until her family commented that she […]

How to Get a Body like Eva Longoria’s

Eva Longoria’s Diet and Fitness Plan Eva Longoria is one of the most sought after beauties in Hollywood to date. Born with a Mexican American decent, the 34 year old actress stands at 5 feet 2 inches tall. Not only does she have a pretty face, style and grace but she also has a slim and well toned body figure that looks good in anything from an evening gown to a bikini. It is no wonder why she is a household name when it comes to celebrity weight loss and she has been feature before in our pages at […]

Celebrity Hayden Panettiere is in Great Shape

Hayden Panettiere’s Fitness Regimen Hayden Panettiere is looking great!  Recently she attended the Whaleman Foundation Benefit, whose mission is to preserve and protect dolphins, whales, and porpoises.  Hayden works out to stay in shape.  She is known for her healthy and fit look. If you want to know how Hayden Stays so Fit, and all of her Weight Loss Secrets check out her full post here. Tweet This Post

Mario Lopez Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Tips

Mario Lopez’s Diet and Fitness Plan Mario Lopez has been known for his physique since his days on Saved By the Bell.  He works out hard, to maintain his body, but maintains that it can be fun, and anyone can do it.  Mario enjoys the way he feels after a workout, so it’s not all about looking good, or is it?  Mario says he was  a bit heavier when he was younger, and that inspired him to workout.  Want to know Mario’s Body Building Secrets?  Check them out below! Mario Lopez’s Diet Mario isn’t crazy about his diet.  He doesn’t count […]

Katie Holmes Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Katie Holmes’ Successful Weight Loss Routine Her regiment keeps this 5 foot 9 inch actress in tip top shape. Katie caught a lot of slack for her dramatic weight loss approach after the birth of her daughter Suri. But now Katie is thin and healthy once again. Katie is no stranger to breaking a sweat, and she works at her body. Want to know her secrets? Keep reading to see what she does. Katie Holmes’ Diet Katie Holmes dropped a lot of weight recently following a 1000 low-calorie per day diet of high protein and low fat. Katie Holmes’ Exercise […]