Be Fit & Slim Like Eva Mendes With Her Fitness Program

Eva Mendes Secret to Losing Weight It isn’t difficult to take notice of Eva Mendes’ beautiful features and her svelte body. People see images of her all over magazines and billboards, being the current spokes model for Calvin Klein’s underwear line. Although she says, the beautiful curves aren’t a work of magic. Being Latina by nature, her body is more curvaceous than most models and she admits to eating junk food a lot.  The actress shares that she had to struggle with following a strict fitness training by doing proper exercise programs, using the treadmill and maintaining a good diet […]

Eva Mendes Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Loss Weight with Eva Mendes Eva Mendes Celebrity Diet and Workout Philosophy has this 5 foot 6 inches actress in top notch shape. Eva has a healthy body image, and likes her body. Maxim ranked her #7 in its 2007 Hot 100 issue. Eva also made her second Maxim cover in the November 2007 issue. So what’s her secret? Keep reading to find out. Eva Mendes’s Diet Eva Mendes loves sushi. She follows the 5-factor diet (Click for more info). Eva Mendes’s Exercise Eva does very light weights and lots of cardio. Activities like Hiking, walking, and Dancing. She follows the 5-factor […]