Celebrity Denise Richards Shape Magazine May 2008

Denise Richards Diet and Fitness Plan Denise is one of those celebrities that takes care of their body.  She eats a healthy diet, and wants to be a positive role model to her two daughters.  Denise graced the cover of Shape Magazine’s May 2008 issue.  Inside she talked about how she stays in such great shape after having two babies.  Want to know how she does it?  Check it out below. Denise on her Diet Like most celebrities, Denise Richards says she stays in such a great shape by eating almost everything, but in moderation.  She claims that she does not obsess over her weight. […]

Denise Richards Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Denise Richards Weight Loss and Fitness Routines Denise Richards Celebrity Diet and Workout routine keeps this hot mama looking amazing even after two babies. Denise has been the envy of many women for her awesome figure. She especially admired for how quickly she got her pre-baby body back twice, and quickly. Want to know how she does it? Find out below. Denise Richards Diet Denise Richards uses Carrie Wiatt’s Diet Designs portion controlled meals delivered. She likes to snack on fruit and cucumbers, and she also likes mini-meals and told Shape Magazine that “We usually have oatmeal with fruit for breakfast. My […]