Christina Aguilera’s Weight Loss Journey

Christina Aguilera’s Fitness and Weight Loss Regimen Christina Aguilera Exercises Hard to Lose Weight Christina Aguilera is looking so much better these days, rocking a sexy hot body while promoting her new movie Burlesque. What’s the reason for her amazing weight loss? Well her weight loss is because she does a lot of dancing in Burlesque which is a great fitness exercise program. Christina Aguilera’s fitness trainer, Tee Sorge, told InTouch that in between all that dance time, the singer/actress also finds time to do weight fitness training as additional exercise activity in her already effective weight loss and fitness […]

Christina Aguilera: “Back to Basics” Weight Loss and Fitness Exercise Program

Christina Aguilera’s Diet and Fitness Regimen Christina Aguilera is about to turn 30 and she’s still looking as fit and sexy as she had been the first time her “Genie in a Bottle” video debuted on MTV way back early 2000 when she and Britney Spears were the only female pop stars battling it out for the Number 1 spot in the music industry. She’s had several successful albums out already and she’s also now a mom to an adorable boy named Max. Like almost every other celebrity who’ve gotten pregnant and given birth, she had undergone a fitness exercise […]

Christina Aquilera, Celebrity Diet and Workout, Baby Weight

Chrisitna Aguilera’s Weight Loss Plan Hollywood Mom Christina Aquilera Celebrity Diet and Workout Secrets Revealed! Christina Aguilera tells Us how she got back her fit self since the January birth of son Max.  In four months Christina lost almost all of the forty pounds that she gained while she was pregnant.  This five-time Grammy winner stands five foot two, and says that she is back in her extra-small jeans!  Christina is gearing up for a new album, and launching a second fragrance, so she wanted to get her body back quickly. Want to know how she managed to shed the […]

Christina Aguilera Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Christina Aguilera Weight Loss Christina Aguilera Celebrity Diet and Workout philosophy keeps this singer in A-list shape all the time. Christina has sold more than 20 millions albums worldwide and has been nominated for several awards, and has won a Grammy, and a “World Music Award”. Christina was criticized for being too thin in her teens, and then for gaining some weight around the time she was on tour with Justin Timberlake, but now Christina has found thew perfect formula. Find out what it is below. Christina Aguilera’s Diet Christina Aguilera has a personal chef who cooks low fat healthy […]