Christy Chung’s Goes for the Gold for Post Baby Weight Loss

Christy Chung’s Successful Post Baby Weight Loss Christy Chung’s Fat Loss Christy gave birth to her third daughter, Cayla Yen in February 2010. And by March, Christy had already begun her post baby weight loss program with the V’Pro System treatments which gave her a weight loss of 11kg and 32 inches in just 6 weeks! This Hongkong celebrity who is famous for her curves did her healthy weight loss program in style – by using the Goldluxe healthy weight loss treatment. “The Goldluxe healthy weight loss treatment is the most luxurious weight loss treatment using 24K gold,” says Chung. […]

Tiffani Thiessens Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Program

Tiffani Thiessen Fat Loss Routines Lose Fat Fasy with Tiffani Thiessen Tiffani Amber Thiessen is looking to get back into shape after becoming a mom, just after four months of giving birth. She is on a weight loss mission. Four months after giving birth to daughter Harper, the White Collar star told Us magazine of her weight loss ambitions: “It takes some time, but I’m doing my best. I had a really nice pregnancy. Knock on wood if we have others it’ll be the same.”” The 36-year-old gained 50 pounds while she was pregnant and now she’s planning to lose […]

Amber Valletta Diet and Exercise Secrets Revealed!

Celebrities must look spectacular! That is what you have to do when you are in the public eye. Celebrities also have the money to hire the best personal trainers, nutritionists and dieticians to help them lose weight and look great. Get their secrets for free at

Alison Sweeney, the host of “The Biggest Loser” reveals how she lost the weight!

Alison Sweeney’s Fit and Healthy Lifestyle Lose Weight with Alison Sweeney Alison Sweeney has been hosting “The Biggest Loser” for four seasons. So what has the long-time soap star learned from her time on the ranch?  You will be surpised about how she lost the weight she gained after she gave birth to her second child. Read on to learn her techniques. She gave an interview few months back on her experiences on The Biggest Loser and what she has learned about losing fat fast! Alison Sweeney on Weight Loss Q: You’ve been watching Jillian and Bob help the contestants […]

Brooke Burke Celebrity Baby Diet, Workout, & Weight Loss

Brook Burke’s Fit and Healthy Lifestyle Here on HCLW we have had a couple post baby Brooke Burke posts, and here is yet another one on how Brooke got her body back after baby #4.  Brooke tells in her own words how she handled her pregnancy weight this time around.  She looks amazing, and apparently fit back into her jeans 4 weeks after giving birth to her son Shaya in 2008.  So I think she might have some sound advice.  Want to know Brooke’s Baby Weight Secrets?  I know you do, so keep reading. Brook Burke’s Baby Weight Plan “I […]

Naomi Watts Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Baby Weight

Naomi Watts’ Fitness Routine Naomi Watts gave birth to her second child just a few months ago already seems to have lost all of her pregnancy weight.  How did Naomi  do it?  Keep reading to find out. Naomi Watts’ Diet “I haven’t even done much exercise yet (and) I eat more now than I did when I was pregnant!”  “I was hungry the whole time and I’m still hungry all the time!”  Naomi is said to eat a lot of vegetables, and she uses portion control to stay slim. Naomi Watts’ Workout Naomi is a big fan of pilates.  She did pilates throughout […]

Isla Fisher Celebrity Diet, Work Out and Baby Weight

Isla Fisher’s Healthy Weight Loss Isla put of 55-60 pounds during her pregnancy. She gave birth to her daughter Olive, her first child with fiancé Sacha Baron Cohen in October 2007, and just three weeks later looked as though she had lost almost all of her pregnancy weight. This has gained Isla quite the reputation in the celebrity mom body circle.  The photo to the right is Isla three weeks after having Olive.  Find out all of Isla’s Weight Loss tips below. Isla Fisher’s Post Pregnancy Diet Isla said that she didn’t diet.  She ate “I eat a lot of veggies and […]

Tori Spelling, Baby Weight, Celebrity Diet, Workout, & Weight Loss

Tori Spelling Diet and Fitness Regimen Lose Fat Fast with Tori Spelling Tori Spelling has kept her figure very slender all the years she has been in the public eye. After having her son Tori slimmed down with Nutrisystem and exercise, but this time after having her second child a baby girl named Stella Doreen McDermott June 9 2008 via C section Tori wanted to do something different. The photo to the left is Tori’s new bikini body about six months post baby number two. We think she looks great! Want to know how Tori lost the baby weight? keep […]

Alessandra Ambrosio Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Baby Weight

Alessandra Ambrosio’s Fit and Healthy Lifestyle Lose Fat Fast with Alessandra Ambrosio Everyone knows Alessandra as one of Victoria’s Secret’s most popular models.  But in 2008 Alessandra gave birth to a baby girl.  Like most woman Alessandra put on some weight during her pregnancy, but unlike most most woman Alessandra had 3 months to get back in shape, and be ready to be in front of millions in lingerie.  Alessandra did it with hard work.  Find out all of Alessandra’s Weight Loss Secrets Below! Alessandra Ambrosio’s Diet To drop the weight Alessandra gained from her pregnancy she went on a strict diet.  She […]

Milla Jovovich Celebrity Diet, Workout and Baby Weight Loss Secrets

Milla Jovovich’s Successful Weight Loss Milla started her career as a model, but has broken into the world of acting as well.  Milla has always had a lean, and thin model figure, but in 2007 Milla got pregnant and had a baby.  Thus, she gained some weight.  Milla dieted and worked out to lose her pregnancy weight.  Keep reading to find out how Milla dropped her baby weight. Milla Jovovich’s Pre-Baby Diet Milla ate a healthy balanced diet to keep trim.  But, she has revealed that she may have undergone some harmful dieting methods to keep model thin.  Milla admitted to keeping trim with a […]

Giada De Laurentiis Self Magazine December 2008

Giada de Laurentiis Successful Weight Loss Giada was featured on the December 2008 cover of Self Magazine, and we’ve got the highlights. Inside she gives the skinny on her tiny figure.  Giada swears that she does eat her own food, and for someone who has a nine month old baby, I think we could all use some of her weight loss tips.  Want to find out more?  I thought so.  Keep reading. Giada de Laurentiis’ on Food “Food is not the enemy!”  “It’s not food; it’s how much you eat.  I eat pasta, but a small portion, not a giant one, […]

Kate Winslet Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Kate Winslet’s Fitness Routine What routine keeps this 5 foot 6 inch actress in amazing shape? Well, Kate doesn’t go crazy with dieting, and isn’t a fan of working out, but yet she still does it. Kate has found a balance between her diet and working out that keeps her looking great. Want to know her body slimming secrets, and what her face has to do with her trim figure? Keep reading to find out below. Kate Winslet’s Diet Kate Winslet doesn’t drink alcohol, and doesn’t eat bread. She limits the amount of processed food she eats because of all the […]

Celebrity Diets and Workouts, Jessica Alba Baby Weight

Jessica Alba’s Diet and Fitness Plan Jessica Alba gave birth to her daughter on June 7th, 2008.  In just over a month it seemed that Jessica was back to her pre-baby figure.  At How Celebrities Lose Weight weren’t surprised that she got back into shape and drops the weight fast.  Jessica is open about how she felt about her body when she was pregnant, and we all know she is envied for her physique.  Want to know what Jessica’s pregnancy workout was, and how she lost her baby weight so fast?  Keep reading to learn all of Jessica’s Diet, Workout, […]

Jennifer Lopez Trains for a Triathlon

Jennifer Lopez, This is How To Lose Weight Jennifer Lopez gave birth to twins Max and Emme six months ago, and now the 39-year-old has decided to do a triathlon. Jennifer will bike, swim, and run the Annual Malibu Triathlon next month.  Jennifer plans to donate for donating any money that is raised to the Children’sHospital of Los Angeles.  Jennifer has gotten into great shape after having her babies by working out with her longtime personal trainer Gunner Peterson.  Jennifer reportedly gained fifty pounds while pregnant.  We think she looks great! “It came up when I was eight months pregnant, when I was beached like a whale,” […]

Celebrity Denise Richards Shape Magazine May 2008

Denise Richards Diet and Fitness Plan Denise is one of those celebrities that takes care of their body.  She eats a healthy diet, and wants to be a positive role model to her two daughters.  Denise graced the cover of Shape Magazine’s May 2008 issue.  Inside she talked about how she stays in such great shape after having two babies.  Want to know how she does it?  Check it out below. Denise on her Diet Like most celebrities, Denise Richards says she stays in such a great shape by eating almost everything, but in moderation.  She claims that she does not obsess over her weight. […]