Supermodel Adriana Lima Says Post Baby Weight Loss Not Hard to Achieve

Adriana Lima Weight Loss Confessions Supermodel Adriana Lima is back in bikini shape ten months after giving birth to daughter Valentina. Lima, who has been a Victoria’s Secret model since 2000, followed a strict high-protein, low-carb healthy weight loss diet plan and stuck to her fitness exercise program daily to regain her sexy supermodel physique. After achieving a 35-pound post pregnancy weight loss in less than six months, the brunette bombshell came forward and said the weight loss was “easy”.  Now, 10 months after giving birth to daughter Valentina, Adriana’s finally coming forward to tell the truth behind the weight […]

Marisa Miller Cosmopolitan Celebrity Workout

Marisa Miller’s Fitness Regimen Marisa has an awesome figure.  It is clear that she works out and isn’t just a skinny Victoria’s Secret model.  She looks toned and fit.  Marisa is gracing the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine, and inside she shares her workout secrets.  We have some of the highlights for you, but you’ll have to check out the magazine for all the details, of course 😉  Check out Marisa’s Body Secrets Below. Resistance Band Kicks This exercise works Your Outer and Inner Thighs, and all us ladies want that! Step #1. Stand with your hands on your hips, with your feet […]

Milla Jovovich Celebrity Diet, Workout and Baby Weight Loss Secrets

Milla Jovovich’s Successful Weight Loss Milla started her career as a model, but has broken into the world of acting as well.  Milla has always had a lean, and thin model figure, but in 2007 Milla got pregnant and had a baby.  Thus, she gained some weight.  Milla dieted and worked out to lose her pregnancy weight.  Keep reading to find out how Milla dropped her baby weight. Milla Jovovich’s Pre-Baby Diet Milla ate a healthy balanced diet to keep trim.  But, she has revealed that she may have undergone some harmful dieting methods to keep model thin.  Milla admitted to keeping trim with a […]

Adrianne Curry Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Adrianne Curry’s Healthy Lifestyle Adrianne Curry’s Weight Loss As America’s first “Top Model” Adrianne Curry has right formula of diet and exercise.”DIET. You will NOT lose weight without a proper diet. In fact, if you are working out, you will GAIN weight without dieting. Your body will build muscle, but will not drop the needed pounds. The Zone Diet works well for me. I suggest for both dieting, and working out, that you hire a personal trainer for at least 2 sessions to learn a work out routine and diet that is good for you.” Adrianne Curry’s Diet She has been […]

Marisa Miller Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Loss Weight With Marisa Miller Her food and fitness regiment keeps this 5 ft 8 inch model looking amazing. Marisa grew up on the beach and loves to surf. Being a Victoria’s Secret Model, Marisa takes her body seriously. She obviously knows what she’s doing. Want to know what she does? Keep reading and be sure to check out our highlights of November 2007 Fitness Marisa Miller’s Diet Marisa Miller eats a balanced, low fat diet with a lot of whole, organic foods. A typical Brunch for Marisa is a veggie omelet, and a mixed greens salad with cut green grapes […]

Carol Alt Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Carolt Alt’s Successful Weight Loss Her fitness regiment keeps her young, vibrant and healthy. Carol Alt was a popular model in the eighties. She has been touted as being “The model that started the Supermodel trend”. Carol ran into some health problems when she was 34, and visited a doctor who taught her about raw food. Since then Carol has been hooked, even writing her own books on the topic. Find out more below. Carolt Alt’s Diet Carol Alt is an advocate of the Raw Diet, and eats mostly organic, following a high alkaline low acid diet. Check out her diet […]

Aisha Tyler Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Tips

Aisha Tyler’s Fitness Routine Aisha Tyler’s Weight Loss From the E! Talk Soup to “CSI” to “Ghost Whisperer” she has always had something to say about body image and dieting. Aisha Tyler’s Diet Aisha Tyler eats a Balanced Diet, does not restrict herself and has treats like chocolate. Does not consider herself a salad person and she uses fitness as a buffer for eating too much of certain food that might cause her to gain weight. That way she can eat what she wants without having to starve herself. Aisha Tyler’s Exercise Aisha practices Yoga, runs, uses the Elliptical Machine, Hikes, and […]

Natasha Henstridge Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Natasha Henstridge’s Healthy Lifestyle Her body program has this 5 feet 10 inch actress looking amazing. Natasha doesn’t shy away from a good workout, and she definitely watches what she eats. So, what are her body slimming secrets? Find out below. Natasha Henstridge’s Diet Natasha eats a balanced diet, and uses portion control to stay thin. Natasha Henstridge’s Exercise Natasha has done Barry’s Boot Camp She loves to roller blade and skis in the winter. Natasha also enjoys using the Treadmill, doing light weights, and calisthenics exercises. Tweet This Post

Marisa Miller Celebrity Bodies, Fitness Magazine

Marisa Miller’s Healthy Lifestyle The beautiful Victoria’s Secret Model Marisa Miller graces the cover of November 2007’s Fitness Magazine. She talks about her celebrity diet, and workout routine. Marisa’s lean, and feminine figure is the envy of many. Below are some of the highlights from the article. Highlights “I used to be shy about [my body] because I was a tomboy, but I was also a size D by the time I was 16. I’d hide my body in big T-shirts and baggy pants. If I was with friends at the beach and I had to get up to throw […]

Sophie Anderton Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Sophie Anderton’s Fitness Regimen Her fitness routine has her looking great. Sophie takes care of her body and it shows. Want to know what she eats? How much she works out, and what she does? Find out all of her weight loss secrets below. Sophie Anderton’s Diet Sophie eats Low Carbohydrate Diet and does not eat salads after 4pm as it can cause water retention. Also Avoids alcohol and picks healthy snacks. Sophie Anderton’s Exercise Sophie runs each morning for an 1hr 30minutes and visits the gym three times a week. She has a personal trainer and also does Resistance Training. Tweet […]

Selita Ebanks Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Loss Weight With Selita Ebanks Selita Ebanks Celebrity Diet and Workout routine keeps her looking amazing. Selita takes good care of her body to keep it in runway shape. This “Victoria’s Secret” model works out, and yes, actually eats! Find out all of her body slimming secrets below. Selita Ebanks’s Diet Selita maintains a balanced diet, and uses portion control. Selita Ebanks’s Exercise Selita does some cardio, but prefers light weights and core training. She works out two weeks before a show, 5 days a week, for 1 hour a day. Selita Ebanks’s Quotes “Every woman’s body is different. What works for me, […]

Vanessa Williams Celebrity Diet Workout, and Weight Loss Tips

Vanessa Williams’ Fit and Healthy Regimen Vanessa Williams Celebrity Diet and Workout program keeps this singer/ actress looking great year after year. Vanessa has always taken good care of her body. She eats healthy and exercises regularly. Want to find out all of Vanessa’s weight loss secrets? Keep reading to find out what they are. Vanessa Williams’s Diet Vanessa Drop 20 pounds for her “Ugly Betty” Role working with 5-factor Hollywood trainer Harley Pasternak. She follows the Five factor and ate 5 small mini meals a day. Vanessa Williams’s Exercise Follow the 5 factor program, and also does Winsor Pilates. Tweet This […]

Izabel Goulart Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Tips

Izabel Goulart’s Healthy Lifestyle This top model is in runway shape all the time. Izabel is a Brazilian model who is best known as one of the “Victoria’s Secret Models”. Izabel was named one of “People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People in the World” in 2007. Want to find out how this Brazilian beauty does it. Keep reading. Izabel Goulart’s Diet Izabel Goulart uses portion control to stay slim. She enjoys treats in moderation, and maintains a healthy diet. Izabel Goulart’s Exercise Izabel enjoys yoga and walking to stay fit. Tweet This Post

Liv Tyler Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Liv Tyler’s Healthy Weight Loss Her fitness philosophy has given her a great figure. Liz isn’t obsessive with diet and isn’t at the gym every day. But, she looks great and is very healthy. Liz has a great body image and is very confident. Want to know how she does it? Check it out below. Liv Tyler’s Diet For the film “The Strangers” Liv Tyler hired a chef. She ate a lot of vegetables, and protein and got down to a dress size four. Usually Liv eats a balanced diet. Liv Tyler’s Exercise Liv has trained with David Kirsch. Liv Tyler’s Quotes “I’ve […]

Linda Evangelista Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Linda Evangelista’s Exercise Routine Her philosophy keep this 5 foot 9 inch model thin and healthy. Linda isn’t’ afraid of eating a diet full of greens and what some would call “health food”. She also doesn’t shy away from a good workout. Want to know what her stay slim secrets are? Check them out below. Linda Evangelista’s Diet Linda bolsters her diet with Superfoods to stay slim and healthy. Linda Evangelista’s Exercise Linda has worked with personal trainer Daivid Kirsch. Tweet This Post