Lauren Conrad Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Video

Lauren Conrad’s Diet Plan Check out this great video of Lauren Conrad talks about her eating habits and her exercise routine.  L.C. explains the different fitness and diet trends in Los Angeles.  Lauren also tells us about her least favorite exercise move, and her favorite exercise.  Lauren says her trainer always has her do light weights with high repetitions.  This is a good tip for all you ladies out there, who are saying “I don’t want to lift weights because I’ll bulk up” – I know, I know.  But, this is the thing.  You take dumbbells no more than 5 […]

Lauren Conrad Celebrity Diet includes Sushi

Lauren Conrad Talks Diet Lauren Conrad talks about her celebrity diet and how eating sushi is a main course.  Lauren talks about her favorite restaurants in Los Angeles for sushi.  Lauren explains that some people don’t like sushi because of the texture but she says that you get used to it.  A lot of low carbohydrate dieters eat a lot of sushi.  Obviously because of it’s low carbohydrate content, but also because it is a very lean protein.  So if you live in the L.A. area, or you are going to be visiting soon, Lauren gives so great recommendations for not only the hippest sushi restaurants, but also gives tips […]