The Diet and Fitness Exercise Program of Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones’ Diet and Fitness Routine Catherine Zeta Jones is still a classic beauty, one who hasn’t seemed to have aged at all even at 40. She even still has the curves in all the right places! This hot mama says she despises stick-thin celebrities, celebrities who go on quick weight loss programs and/or drink pill diet supplements. This doesn’t mean however that Catherine doesn’t watch out for her weight. The Zorro star says she does believe in diets, but the healthy weight loss kind of diets and she also does fitness training exercises to keep her body in […]

Catherine Zeta Jones Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Tips

Catherine Zeta Jones Weight Loss Routine Catherine Zeta Jones Celebrity Diet and Workout routine has kept this Welsh beauty looking amazing for years. Catherine studied dance from an early age, which is why she looked so natural dancing in the film “Chicago”. Catherine has starred in many films including “Traffic” with her husband Michael Douglas, and “Ocean’s Twelve”. So how does this mother of two do it? Find out below. Catherine Zeta Jones’ Diet Catherine Zeta Jones used Weight Watchers after one of her pregnancies. She avoids carbs after five o’clock. For Traffic she cut sugar and caffeine out of […]