Cameron Diaz’s Best Weight Loss Program Ever

Cameron Diaz’s Fit and Healthy Lifestyle Thirty, flirty and thriving are just some of the words to describe this famous Hollywood actress. At thirty eight, Cameron Diaz has already garnered award nominations for her movie roles in There’s Something About Mary and Being John Malkovich – films where both her acting skills and sexy body are showcased. Cameron has also been included in Maxim’s Top 100 Sexiest Women with a body that shames most of the women in Hollywood half her age! But this tall, gorgeous blond claims she doesn’t like diets or exercise programs. So how in the world […]

Cameron Diaz Celebrity Diet and Workout, Shape Magazine UK

Cameron Diaz Diet and Fitness Plan Cameron is on the cover of the July 2008 edition of Shape Magazine UK.  In the article Cameron talks about getting older, her body, her diet, and staying in shape.  She talks about gaining weight, although we never really noticed that.  Want to know how Cameron does it?  Keep reading. Cameron Diaz’s Diet ”I eat healthily but love my burgers, and if you put a bowl of fries near me, then it’s over. Normally, though, I’ll have a half-order of something and save the leftovers. I’m queen of leftovers.”  ”I used to be able to […]

Cameron Diaz Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Tips

Cameron Diaz Diet and Fitness Routines Her philosophy keeps this actress in top notch shape on and off the silver screen. Cameron has made the list of People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful” people in the world” twice. Once in 1998, and then again in 2002. What is her secret? Keep reading to find out. Cameron Diaz’s Diet Cameron Diaz eats junk food in moderation and follows a low carb diet, but not the Atkins diet. She is firm believer in never skipping breakfast. She stopped eating pork when she learned that pigs have a mental capacity similar to that of […]