Brooke Shields Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Tips

Brooke Shields Healthy Weight Loss Program at her 40’s Get Fit and Lose Weight with Brooke Shields Brooke Christa Shields is an American actress, author and model. Some of her better-known movies include Pretty Baby and The Blue Lagoon, as well as TV shows such as Suddenly Susan, That ’70s Show and Lipstick Jungle. She’s currently 46 years old, intelligent, fit, plus an active mother. She was the cover of the Fitness Magazine in their October 2007 issue, and she also graced the cover of the Shape Magazine. At 46,  she has no problems in wearing a bikini and showing off her slender figure. In case you haven’t noticed, […]

Brooke Shields Celebrity Diet, and Workout, Fitness Magazine

Brooke Shields Weight Loss Routines Brooke Shields on staying fit. Brooke is on the cover of October’s 2007 Fitness Magazine. Here are some of the highlights from the article. Brooke Shields on Working Out I try to do an hour of something everyday. It’s almost impossible when I’m working, because I’m on the set for 14-16 hours; But last summer, for instance, I’d take a Spinning class or do a morning hike when Rowan (her daughter) was at camp and the baby was asleep; that way I didn’t feel guilty about not being with them. Or in the afternoon I’d […]

Brooke Shields Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Brooke Shields Fitness Routine Brooke Shields Celebrity Diet and Workout. Brooke was born May 31, 1965 and is best known as a supermodel and a handful of films and Television shows. Brooke has been featured on the cover of numerous magazines over the years, recently on the cover of October’s 2007 Fitness Magazine. How does she stay so in shape? Brooke Shields Diet Brooke Shields eats a balanced healthy diet with a little meat, and  she does not deprive herself and practices portion control with foods she loves (ice cream! etc).  When she needs to loose a few pounds she cuts […]