Brooke Burke Shares Her Very Own Fitness Exercise Program and Weight Loss Plan

Brooke Burke Talks Fitness Brooke Burke Shares Her Weight Loss Routine Television hostess and model Brooke Burke is still looking good even after becoming a mother. A lot of people know that this celebrity like many others had credited her amazing weight loss to Dancing with the Stars, a physically demanding but fun fitness exercise program. And now that she hosts the popular show, the star has graduated from just dancing as a fitness exercise program. To keep her in such great shape, Brooke says she combines a healthy weight loss diet plan with a disciplined fitness exercise program.  A Look at […]

Brooke Burke’s Dishes Out Weight Loss Tips

Brooke Burke’s Fitness Regimen Brooke Burke is 36 and a mother to 4 children and she looks amazing after giving birth to four kids!  She’s an American television personality, model and occasional dancer known for hosting Wild On, Rock Star, winning Dancing with the Stars 7th season and for co-hosting DWTS beginning Season 10. She reveals the weight loss diet plan and fitness training regimen she’d undergone to become one hot momma. Brooke Burke Weight Loss Diet Plan Brooke Burke’s weight loss diet plan involves eating five times a day to speed up her metabolism. Her morning diet plan consists […]

Brooke Burke Celebrity Baby Diet, Workout, & Weight Loss

Brook Burke’s Fit and Healthy Lifestyle Here on HCLW we have had a couple post baby Brooke Burke posts, and here is yet another one on how Brooke got her body back after baby #4.  Brooke tells in her own words how she handled her pregnancy weight this time around.  She looks amazing, and apparently fit back into her jeans 4 weeks after giving birth to her son Shaya in 2008.  So I think she might have some sound advice.  Want to know Brooke’s Baby Weight Secrets?  I know you do, so keep reading. Brook Burke’s Baby Weight Plan “I […]

Celebrity Brooke Burke Diet and Workout, Pregnancy Weight

Brooke Burke’s Weight Loss Secrets Celebrity Mom Brooke Burke can get back in shape after a pregnancy in not time at all. She bounces into her swimsuit with a 3-4 weeks. Read some of her quick tips and basic routine. So what is her celebrity diet and workout secrets? Brooke Burke’s Comeback Routine How did she do it, well she exercised 3 times a week, doing Pilates and hikes with her fiance, plus a low-carb diet helped the mom of three, drop almost 30 pounds. “I probably have 10 pounds left, she says, but I’m not putting pressure on myself.” “I […]

Brooke Burke Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss With Brooke Burke Lose Weight Even if you have a hectic lifestyle like Brooke Burke Brooke Burke Celebrity Diet and Workout gives her a body that is admired and envied by many. Brooke started out as a Balley Total Fitness Model. She got her big break when she started hosting E!’s “Wild On”. Brooke doesn’t mess around when it comes to her diet and exercise program. What does she do? Check it out below. Brooke Burke’s Diet Brooke Burke eats a diet with lots of raw vegetables, salads and wheat. Avoids carbs, refined sugar and flour, dairy, juices, […]