Cindy Crawford Admits “I Have Cellulite”

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Celebrity Diets and Workouts, How Britney Spears Got Her Body Back

Successful Weight Loss Tips From Britney Spears A lot of How Celebrities Lose Weight fans have been asking us to put more current info on the site about Miss Spears. We decided to wait it out until things seemed good, and on the up and up for her. Now it seems that the time is right. Britney looks great, and we think she has a health conscious head on her shoulders now! Britney talked to Ok Magzine about How She Got her Body back… Keep reading to find out what she did. Britney Spears’ Diet “I’m the healthiest I’ve been all […]

Britney Spears Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Britney Spears Weight Loss Britney Spears Celebrity Diet and Workout. Her routine has changed throughout the years, and has caused plenty of speculation just like everything else this pop-star seems to do. Britney has been a dancer since she was very young. This set the stage for her lean muscular frame. Britney is also known to be a big fan of junk food. So how does she maintain that amazing body, and bounce back from two pregnancies, in such perfect form that she can reveal her flat stomach after 2 c-sections? Keep reading to find out. Britney Spears Diet Britney Spears […]