Alison Sweeney, the host of “The Biggest Loser” reveals how she lost the weight!

Alison Sweeney’s Fit and Healthy Lifestyle Lose Weight with Alison Sweeney Alison Sweeney has been hosting “The Biggest Loser” for four seasons. So what has the long-time soap star learned from her time on the ranch?  You will be surpised about how she lost the weight she gained after she gave birth to her second child. Read on to learn her techniques. She gave an interview few months back on her experiences on The Biggest Loser and what she has learned about losing fat fast! Alison Sweeney on Weight Loss Q: You’ve been watching Jillian and Bob help the contestants […]

Allison Sweeney Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Alison Sweeney’s Diet and Fitness Regimen Alison Sweeney’s Weight Loss She has been on many different diets throughout the years, but never found a lifestyle that she could maintain and keep fit. Nothing seemed to work, and Allison was stuck in that horrible frustrating place so many of us woman find ourselves in, the binge and starve cycle. She says “even starving myself quite literally-and then after a few days of that, bingeing on bowls of ice cream”. It wasn’t until Allison switched her mindset from wanting to be “superthin” to wanting to be “superhealthy” that she dropped 4 dress […]