Beyonce Knowles is using ….. lemonade?

How Does Beyonce Knowles Lose Weight?

If you were Beyonce Knowles and had access to best trainers and nutritionists what would you use to lose weight? Beyonce Knowles uses a cleansing diet along with exercise.

The Master Cleanser Diet, or as popularly known; The Lemonade Diet was created by the late Naturopath Stanley Burroughs. The Diet consists of fasting to rid the body of toxins, created by improper diet, lack of exercise and negative mental attitudes. The purpose of the Lemonade Diet is to dissolve and eliminate toxins and congestion; to cleanse the kidneys and digestive system; to purify glands; to eliminate waste and hardened materials in the joints and muscles; to build a healthy bloodstream; to maintain optimal blood pressure; and to what you all are waiting to hear… to lose weight.  As a reducing diet it is superior in every way, reducing fat at a rate of about two (2) pounds a day for most persons, without harmful side effects according to beyonce3Read below for all the details:

Here are 3 Beyonce Knowles Lemonade Diet Secrets to get you started on the Master Cleanse quickly and effectively.

Beyonce Knowles Lemonade Diet Secret #1

Most people, including experienced Master Cleansers tend to

experience uncomfortable, unpleasant moments during the first 3 days of the Master Cleansers. Often, it gets uncomfortable and irritable to the point that they just dropped out of the cleanse. But once you get past the first 3 days, the rest of the cleanse is going to be a breeze. So if you are doing the Master Cleanse for the first time, watch out for this roadblock.

Beyonce Knowles Lemonade Diet Secret #2
When you are feeling the side effects of the cleansing process, most of us will be tempted to take aspirin to help alleviate the migraine which is the natural results of toxins being purged from inside our bodies. However it is not advisable to do so because aspirin are chemicals which will add more toxins to the body. What you can do to help relieve the migraine is to drink more water to expedite the cleansing process. The faster and more toxins the body can remove, the faster the reliefs from the side effects of the detoxification process will be.

Beyonce Knowles Lemonade Diet Secret #3
Hoodia is a natural herb that has been used by San Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert of Africa for thousands of years. It is used as an appetite suppressant. It can be added into your Master Cleanse Lemonade diet to help suppress your hunger pangs. Just be reminded to follow the recommended dosage.

But that’s not all….

According to SELF’s June issue, she puts in the work. To get a tour-worthy body–one that can handle singing and dancing at the same time–the star works out five days a week with her trainer. Those workouts include 100 squats, step-ups and walking lunges (each!).

She makes it fun. An upper body workout can get boring with all those repetitions, so Knowles added her own twist. “I’ll put on a song that I really like and do [biceps curls with] 5-pound weights the whole song,” she told us. Or, using 3-pound weights, she’ll box for the length of one track.

She knows how to motivate herself. A What’s the point of running, if you’re not running towards something? Knowles keeps a painting of an Oscar at the gym, so she’s literally running towards her next goal. “I look at it, and I’m like OK, I have to stay in shape,” she admits.

She’s consistent.A From the beginning of rehearsals on January 19 to the start of her tour on March 26, Knowles practiced her choreography for nine hours a day, seven days a week–while wearing 5-inch stilettos. Think it’s tough to make it through the workday? That’s 603 hours in heels! The star admits, “When I come home and take them off, I’m like, “Oh, my God! I wish I could just chop my feet off!”

She understands the importance of confidence. A Transforming into Sasha Fierce is more than putting on a teeny-tiny costume and sky-high heels. To become her alter ego, Knowles rehearses her sexy walk. “It’s about self-esteem,” she instructs. “It’s in the hips. Lean back, stretch your neck, keep your shoulders low, point your toes and cross one foot in front of the other.” Anyone can do it!