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At How Celebrities Lose Weight we know it can be hard to find the real information about celebrity diets,  workout routines, fitness, weight loss secrets, and body building routines. So we did all the hard work for you. We have over three hundred celebrities on our celebrity body list, and it’s still growing every day! No matter what your fitness goals are, or how much weight you want to lose, we think that celebrities can be a positive source of motivation. Let’s face it, celebrities are paid good money to look good all the time. Celebrities hire top nutritionists, dietitians, and personal trainers to keep themselves in tip top Hollywood shape.

We have found every weight loss interview, article, quote, and blurp on how these celebrities lose fat and stay in shape. From top models, to actors, actresses, singers, and everyone in between. If they’re famous, and they look good, you’ll find them on How Celebrities Lose Weight sooner or later! We want to give you the celebrity body information that you are looking for with no gossip. “How Celebrities Lose Weight” is meant to be positive, and inspiring, to motivate you to create your dream body! Diets, exercises, workouts, and weight lifting regiments can be confusing without the right guidance. That is why we have also included as many interviews and articles with the incredible personal trainers that keep these celebrities looking so hot! At How Celebrities Lose Weight we don’t usually post celebrity weights. We have found that celebrity weights on the internet are hard to validate. But, if a celebrity mentions their weight in an interview, or a quote we will definitely put it up. But we don’t play the guessing game. 🙂

If you have tried diets, and exercise programs before, and tried to lose weight with no success, don’t be discouraged. Just start again. It can be as easy as getting on the right diet, picking up some weights, buying a pair of running shoes, or just getting moving again. With so many celebrity bodies it might seem hard to figure out where to start. Our suggested use for this website is to find your favorite celebrity on the column on the right. Check out what they are eating, their diet plan, their daily menu, and start to implement it. See what your favorite celebrity does to stay fit. When possible we have the entire workout regiment that your favorite celebrity uses to stay fit. Make sure that you listen to your gut when you are starting a new exercise and diet program, and of course consult with your physician. We have a lot of healthy celebrities that don’t adhere to the size zero mentality that is so prevalent in Hollywood, and as we should all know by now, you have to eat 🙂 Make sure that you have reasonable and healthy weight loss goal too. If you are two feet taller than Eva Longoria, you probably won’t weigh as little as she does. On the other hand, I would guess Jessica Biel doesn’t weigh one hundred pounds, I mean she has muscle, it weighs more.

Lose Weight for Good

In this day and age most celebrities are eating healthy, and working out. Celebrities are great role models if you want to lose weight. Many of our celebrities have lost a great deal of weight themselves. Check out the post of Ricki Lake, or Nick Carter for example. They are two celebs that got themselves into amazing shape. Even stars like Britney Spears have been known to yo-yo diet, and pack on a few pounds here and there, but then work out, jump on her treadmill and get back into shape. Just like you can! You don’t have to be a celebrity to look like one is our motto! And it’s true! There are a lot of diets out there, and celebrities know diets, so we think that they have probably picked the best, and most effective ones to follow. You can find tons of diets, in our diets section. We also include a small write-up on every diet. As I said there are many diets out there, so if you don’t find a diet that’s right for you, don’t fret. You might want to make your own variation up. Like Alyssa Milano. She follows the “Zone Diet,” but gives herself a cheat day. Which sounds like a page form the “Body for Life” diet. Jessica Simpson has tried many diets in the past, but we think she’s found one she likes in the “Five Factor.” At least she still says that she tries to stick to a modified version of the diet.

Celebrity Mom’s Lose Lot’s of Weight

Celebrity Moms are another great addition to How Celebrities Lose Weight! Even a Hollywood mom can gain quite a bit of weight during pregnancy. These ladies are very inspiring! Check out the posts on Brooke Burke, and Gwen Stefani for example. Gwen Stefani is one of those Hollywood moms that we all admire. She has a flat washboard stomach, even after having a baby, it’s incredible! We talk all about nursing and how that actually does help you lose weight. You can look as great as a Hollywood Mom. Read up on how Gwenyth Paltrow got her baby weight off. Or Catherine Zeta Jones.

Hey Guy’s

If you are a guy and want to have the body of your favorite super hero, you can read about how Tobey Maquire got buff for Spiderman, or how Hugh Jackman gets ripped to play Wolverine in the X-Men movies, and how he likes the challenge of working out. We have weight lifting regiments, of Milo Ventimiglia. Workou

Celebrities Diets and workouts

t tips from L.L. Cool J, Will Smith, and many more buff male celebrities.

You Can Do it!

We have tons of stories, and interviews about how a celebrity loses weight for a role. Or how they lose weight after they have gained weight for a role. We have celebrities talking about cellulite, and their favorite snack, or treat. We have got it all right here for you for free! If you don’t see a celebrity that you love on the list, shoot us an email. Be sure to check out our favorite links, and products. We recommend a wide variety of products that we have tried and love. Like a natural program to get rid of cellulite! Yes, we can even help you get rid of cellulite celebrity style. On How Celebrities Lose Weight you can comment on what celebrity body you like the best. With hundreds of celebrity bodies to choose from we think that you’ll find the celebrity diets, workouts, exercises, and weight loss secrets that you are looking for. All of our information is kept up to date, based on tons of sources. Feel free to comment with information you know and if it is valid we will add it to the huge wealth of information here. We hope this information motivates you with your fitness and weight loss goals, or even just peaks your curiosity in to what celebrities do to look so good!

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